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The technology-oriented company Alpha Code, finds its highest expression in consulting on the edge of Engineering and Information Technology


Alpha Code is a real 'Innovation Enabler', relying on the support of worldwide established colleagues in Academic and Research world


Alpha Code follows the development of its Customers, and proposes methods and training processes conjugated with cutting-edge content in the areas of Business and Tehnology



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Our strenght is the care and importance we attribute to our talented engineers


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A perfect mix between competences and methodolgies is our first resource


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We can use best commercial tools and products, but we can also develop customized ones

Innovazione sostenibile

Image 4L'importanza di eco-innovare.

Nel panorama dell'ingegneria la spinta all'innovazione continua deve accompagnarsi ad una sempre maggiore consapevolezza nelle responsabilità cha abbiamo verso l'ambiente ed il mondo circostante. Innovare significa anche rispettare e proteggere, per questo Alpha Code porta avanti le sue tematiche di ricerca in conformità alle più stringenti politiche di sostenibilità e....


Company News

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1 October 2014
New office

Alpha Code opens the new headquarter in Turin